Craniofacial Families of Manitoba is a support group for those in Manitoba, touched by craniofacial differences. We have volunteer parent support contacts across Manitoba ready and willing to offer new families, help, advice, and support in any way they may need. Connect with someone in your area now!

Many parents feel alone when they get that first diagnosis of a craniofacial difference. This group aims to close that gap, reach people where they're at, and let them know they're not alone. Find more resources here.

Craniofacial Families of Manitoba also supports the Manitoba Centre for Craniofacial Difference (MCCD). MCCD is the amazing medical team providing our children with craniofacial care in Manitoba. Learn more about MCCD here.

"Craniofacial" is defined as relating to the skull and face. Examples of some craniofacial abnormalities include cleft lip, cleft palate, craniosynostosis, Pierre Robin Sequence, Treacher-Collins Syndrome, and microtia.


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